Our focus is on extracting value, through automation, for you and your customers. Training most of today’s state-of-the-art AI models involves the manual cleaning and labeling of datasets as supervised models.

Forward Progress

Farmwave’s proprietary tooling and training system provides a unique solution which changes how we’ll use training data. This infrastructure alone can save massive amounts of time and money on compute power for scaling models. Additionally, this creates a more turnkey deployment model; training faster and more accurately.

Why are we doing this?

Everyone is working on more algorithms and trying to throw as much data at a problem as possible. But the data must be set-up for a life-long achievement of accuracy and value. AI can not work in controlled environments alone, but in real-world environments where the value and users are.

Our Solution: Build a better AI.

Farmwave is built upon our process as much as our technology. This collaborative effort strives for flawless execution during implementation. Results come from committing to a digital transformation focused on impact, speed, and scale. Our proven performance process is about value-driven success.

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