Please read before applying!

What it's like to be on the team at Farmwave.

    • Hard. Period. We wear many hats here regardless of the amount of people. To work here you'd better be able to think on your feet, adapt, and overcome.
    • Global travel (depending on job role) and not always to some fancy resort. We've been to France, Italy, Mexico, Guatemala, Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq, Argentina, and Brazil. Sometimes you will sleep on a cot in the summer with no air conditioning with animals outside that can kill you. If this sounds like an adventure rather than a warning, you're in the right place.
    • This is a team environment and a team effort. If you're looking for a "participation trophy" this is not the place for you. You're responsible for the person to your left and your right.
    • Accountability is a must here. We hold ourselves, and each other, accountable. If this sounds like tattle-tailing or whining versus personal and professional leadership growth, this is not the place for you.
    • Servant leadership is all we do here. There should be no other kind. You're not above anyone no matter what role you have in the company. The table here is round; there is no head. 
    • No one is interested in your societal or political position(s) or agenda(s). We're only interested in the value you bring to the team and everyone is treated as such. Everyone is treated equally here and any problem with that is a problem with the team as a whole. Everyone brings something different to the table, but we focus relentlessly on how our unique characteristics bring unique value to our customers. This is also not your stage. If you have some personal agenda to portray, acting classes can be found at your local community theater, not here.
    • There will be highs and there will be lows. How you react to them will determine your success.
    • We take our Core Values very seriously here. Your team, our partners, and our clients expect, and deserve, nothing less from us. Memorize them.
    • This is a very different environment from other industries. Agriculture can be demanding and unforgiving. Through hard experience, we've learned that what worked well somewhere else does not necessarily work here. With that said...
    • Our processes work. We've already tested many procedures and ironed out what works and what doesn't. In the world of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning with Vision Computing we are still writing the playbook on business models. However...
    • Great ideas are welcome and encouraged but expect to execute on them as well. It's about follow-through. This company hires people who can execute on their own ideas because someone else is not going to do the hard work for you. Own it.
    • Decisions = Progress, so we tend to move fast here. Failure should be expected because it is part of the process. Embrace it and learn from it.
    • Exceptional writing skills are a must. Typing an email to anyone like you're texting in high-school is un-professional. We, and you, are better than that. The key to success is effective communication. The key word being "effective". Writing with proper detail and creating tasks with proper dates and expectations are all forms of communicating to your team.
    • Field work. Our technology is used in agriculture fields, factory floors, and often outside so you need to expect to get dirty. Depending on job role, up to 50% or more of your time will be in the field.
    • We expect discretion and sound judgment. We work with some of the most advanced technology in the world and are responsible for treating it as such. Our partners and clients trust us in these relationships. Not everything is meant to be shared on social media.
    • Working at Farmwave can be offer incredible relationship building via partnerships with some of the world's largest tech companies.
    • This organization already has a reputation of having the hardest workers in the room. We’re known for our integrity, our discipline, and our ability to overcome the odds. Should your career ever advance beyond Farmwave, we hope that our standards will be an example of who you are as a colleague among your new employer.
    • Competitive Pay
    • Benefits: Medical, Dental, and Vision available for the family
    • Flexible working environment(s) and PTO