Farmwave Awarded 3rd Patent

On March 5, 2024, Farmwave has been awarded it’s 3rd patent, No. 11,922,688 in our family of patents for "Automated Diagnosis and Treatment of Crop Infestation.”

This technology adds to our investment in vision-based artificial intelligence in the agriculture industry. As we strive to continue to add value to this important industry, and it’s workers through AI-assisted technology, we have much more work to do.

This patent applies to machinery, mobile computing, and even wearable devices giving us room to grow our portfolio and continue to add claims to our patent families.

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About Farmwave

Farmwave is a seasoned team of visionaries, engineers, designers, and strategists working to put our advanced AI technology to practical use in agriculture. We design, develop, and deploy the world’s most capable intelligent computer models with the power to add value from human-centric data autonomously, and in real-time.

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