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Use Cases for Artificial Intelligence in Agriculture with Craig Ganssle of Farmwave

This episode aired on the Future of Agriculture podcast hosted by Tim Hammerich in December 2020. Tim said about Farmwave, "I am convinced this intersection is really the best hope we have for getting a glimpse into the future of agriculture."


Technology That Reduces Waste By Capturing What You’ve Already Produced

This episode aired on the Business of Agriculture podcast hosted by Damian Mason in June 2023. During the episode, Damian noted that, "we in Agriculture have been conditioned to focus on increasing production. But what about the money being lost by losing yield on crops you’ve already produced?"


Precision Farming Dealer: Introducing New Technology to Customers with Skip Klinefelter

Hear Linco-Precision owner Skip Klinefelter discuss Farmwave and other ag tech companies at the Linco Precision field day in June 2023 in Nokomis, IL.

Farm Equipment News: Product Review

This article was written by Assistant Editor Mackane Vogel in April 2023. The review notes that a key selling point of Farmwave is to "help save time in the field and put money back in farmers’ pockets by helping them control harvest loss."

Precision Farming Dealer: [Technology Corner] Farmwave’s Autonomous Harvest Loss Technology Pays off for Corn, Soybean & Cotton Farmers

This live interview with our founder & CEO Craig Ganssle took place at the Linco-Precision New Technology Meeting in Nokomis, Illinois in April 2023.

Morning Ag Clips: Ag Startup Engine and Farmwave are excited to announce their joint partnership

Published in December 2022, this article features quotes from Ag Startup Engine's Co-Director, Colin Hurd. “What intrigued me about Farmwave was the simplicity of the value proposition to farmers. We see a lot of technology looking for a problem but the Farmwave team found the problem and built some very impressive technology to solve it.”

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Farmwave is a seasoned team of visionaries, engineers, designers, and strategists working to put our advanced AI technology to practical use in agriculture. We design, develop, and deploy the world’s most capable intelligent computer models with the power to add value from human-centric data autonomously, and in real-time.

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