Farmwave partners with Lindhorst Ag (NE)


Farmwave announces new Nebraska-based dealer of its autonomous harvest loss monitoring systems.

Partnership will provide supply and support of agricultural products using Farmwave’s artificial intelligence software throughout Nebraska and surrounding states.

Dahlonega, GA – September 18th, 2023 – Lindhorst Ag announced a new partnership to bring innovative ag technology to farmers in the region. The partnership will allow Farmwave to leverage Lindhorst Ag's network to reach more farmers and help them improve their operations.

"I feel Farmwave will help my customers and I see the difference in harvestability on certain hybrids and varieties," says owner Kyle Lindhorst, "We will have a better understanding that some hybrids and varieties will need different adjustments even though they are in the same field. This system will also make a grower more efficient with real time losses more frequently. "

Lindhorst Ag provides seed, chemical, and more to farmers in and around eastern Nebraska. In addition to selling Farmwave's harvest vision system, Lindhorst Ag offers Stine Seed, Beck's Hybrids, Zimmerman Manufacturing tillage equipment, and more.

Lindhorst Ag
For more information about Farmwave from Lindhorst Ag, contact Kyle at or 402-920-0683. You can also find Lindhorst Ag on Facebook

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Farmwave’s Harvest Vision System

Farmwave’s Harvest Vision System includes three cameras, a network switch, and the Farmbook monitor - all powered by sophisticated AI models to detect header and combine harvest loss in real-time without requiring a data or WiFi connection. 

Farmers equipped with Farmwave can expect to reduce harvest loss by 3-8+ bushels per acre*. Applied nationwide, this would lead to a significant savings in the United States alone, as growers were projected to plant 89.5 million acres of corn and a record 91 million acres of soybeans in 2022, according to the USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS) March Prospective Plantings report. 

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