Farmwave Teams up with AgCulture to bring the latest in Harvest Loss AI to Australia


Farmwave has begun a partnership with AgCulture in Adelaide, Australia.

AgCulture will be the exclusive provider of Farmwave’s Harvest Vision yield loss monitor in Australia. 

Initial trial systems have commenced use during the 2023-2024 Australian harvest season with positive initial results and feedback.

“The initial testing we undertook on our farms on Yorke Peninsula and on another SA farm at Malalla, showed some really positive results and we are keen to undertake more trials and testing into the next harvest. With around $800mil of grains lost during harvest in Australia, this technology can help reduce waste and increase profits to our industry”, said Mark Schilling of AG Schilling & Co.

Throughout 2024 and into the 2024-2025 harvest season, AgCulture, with the help of A.G. Schilling and Co. and traceability and sustainability software commercialisation company, Trust Provenance, will continue to adapt and demonstrate the Farmwave Harvest Vision system throughout all of Australia.

“Farmwave brings 10+ years, many millions of dollars of investment, and a US grain industry-proven harvest loss minimization solution, which we are adapting to Australian conditions to solve a very real issue. The Farmwave team are world-class at image capture hardware through their proprietary camera units and have an image analysis software platform which we are Australianifying with Australian grains images and conditions, to then commercialize into the Australian grains industry for all growers”, said Andrew Grant of Trust Provenance.

Australia marks the 5th country and 3rd continent for Farmwave’s solution to be utilized, which gives a solid base for the technology to continue to improve and continue to add more value to the world’s grain producers.

“We’re very excited to be working with AgCulture and their partners in Australia to help farmers reduce loss during harvest season. Digital solutions that solve real issues is what we are focussed on, and working with Andrew and Mark has been great to help Farmwave better understand the needs of Australian grain farmers and adapt our solution accordingly”, stated Craig Ganssle, Farmwave Founder and CEO.



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