Press Release: Farmwave Partners with L&D Ag Service (Minnesota)


Farmwave announces new Minnesota dealer of its autonomous harvest loss monitoring systems.

Partnership will provide local supply and support of agricultural products using Farmwave’s artificial intelligence software.

DAHLONEGA, GA - Jun. 26, 2023– Farmwave, a leading provider of AI models specifically designed for agriculture, announced today that they will be partnering with L&D Ag Service as a reseller of its AI-based harvest vision system.

The Farmwave team is preparing for its first 2023 shipment of its harvest vision systems, most of which have been spoken for by both dealers and independent farms. Continuing to build relationships with dealers is important in reaching farmers around the world, and providing trusted, local support.

Travis Routh, General Manager for L&D Ag Service, said the following regarding taking on Farmwave's harvest loss monitoring technology:

Here at L&D Ag Service, addressing the wants and needs of farmers is priority number one. We have a goal to bring precision technology to the market, helping farmers plan, plant, apply and harvest more efficiently and accurately. We’re continually exploring new products and ag related technology to provide growers tools to connect and transfer live, high quality and reliable data, which is critical for real-time decision-making. By integrating the Farmwave camera system into our current ag technology related product offerings, we feel we are providing additional tools, to help the grower increase yield and improve efficiencies. Thus, allowing farms to be more profitable and sustainable, for years to come.

Travis Routh, General Manager | L&D Ag Service 

408 Broadway Street, Hartland, Minnesota 56042
Phone: +1 (507)845-2100

Looking for a dealer in your area? Visit our dealer page!

Farmwave’s Harvest Vision System

Farmwave’s Harvest Vision System includes three cameras, a network switch, and the Farmbook monitor - all powered by sophisticated AI models to detect header and combine harvest loss in real-time without requiring a data or WiFi connection. 

Farmers equipped with Farmwave can expect to reduce harvest loss by 3-8+ bushels per acre*. Applied nationwide, this would lead to a significant savings in the United States alone, as growers were projected to plant 89.5 million acres of corn and a record 91 million acres of soybeans in 2022, according to the USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS) March Prospective Plantings report. 

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