Press Release: Farmwave Partners with Next Level Ag (Minnesota)


Farmwave announces new Minnesota-based dealer of its autonomous harvest loss monitoring systems.

Partnership will provide local supply and support of agricultural products using Farmwave’s artificial intelligence software.

DAHLONEGA, GA - Aug. 11, 2023– Farmwave, a leading provider of AI models specifically designed for agriculture, announced today that they will be partnering with Next Level Agricultural Solutions as a reseller of its AI-based harvest vision system.

Interest from both dealers and individual farms has been growing exponentially throughout 2023 and the Farmwave team is thrilled to see the dealer network growing.

Brian Punt, Owner and Precision Ag Specialist at Next Level Agricultural Solutions communicated the value of Farmwave by saying the following:

I believe there are many points of loss that many combine operators are unaware of.  And, I think that the FarmWave system will highlight these areas so that we can actually solve problems with our harvesters that will equal real bushels in the bin.  We can push our yields to the Next Level all we want... but if we can't get every bushel out of the field we may just be wasting our time.

Brian Punt, Owner | Next Level Agricultural Solutions 

Next Level Ag is a full service Ag Solutions center.  We offer Solutions to grow farm yields, efficiency and profitability through technology, seed, and liquid fertilizer. We were established in 2015 by three owners and operators of the business who also test and prove these solutions on their own farms.

Brian (Owner, Precision Ag Specialist)
Phone: +1 (320) 894-1706.
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Farmwave’s Harvest Vision System

Farmwave’s Harvest Vision System includes three cameras, a network switch, and the Farmbook monitor - all powered by sophisticated AI models to detect header and combine harvest loss in real-time without requiring a data or WiFi connection. 

Farmers equipped with Farmwave can expect to reduce harvest loss by 3-8+ bushels per acre*. Applied nationwide, this would lead to a significant savings in the United States alone, as growers were projected to plant 89.5 million acres of corn and a record 91 million acres of soybeans in 2022, according to the USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS) March Prospective Plantings report. 

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